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What is Milo?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is characterized by impairments in social communication, social interaction, and social imagination. Lack in social play and communication skills can slow learning and cognitive development in this population. There are many approaches that are utilized by parents of children with autism. Applied behavior analysis is a science that uses tested methods […]

Windmills No More

A close friend continually asks me, “So, are you still running at those windmills?” shaking his head a bit at what he considers to be my Don Quixote-like quest. The “windmills” are the U.S. education system. The perceived folly is my optimistic yet grounded belief that the system can change, good things are happening, and […]

Using Technology to Disseminate Behavior Analysis: Is It Possible?

Read in Portuguese Need for Behavior Analysis Services Around the World Nowadays, behavior analysis is highlighted because of its science-based methods, which achieve good results that prove its services’ quality. At the same time, the demand for this specialized service has grown up in a way which makes the number of behavior analysts still insufficient, […]

iPad communication device

Autism and Technology: Process over Hype

by Elizabeth R. Lorah, Alison Karnes, & D. Renee Speight After the initial release of the iPod Touch® in 2007, the Apple iPad® was released just three years later in 2010. Parents, teachers, clinicians, and advocates of individuals with a diagnosis of autism have since flocked to adopt the new technology. For example, a Google […]

Mexican Journal of Behavior Analysis: Special Issue on Behavior Analysis and Technology

To all readers interested in behavior analysis and technology: The Mexican Journal of Behavior Analysis Special Issue on Behavior Analysis and Technology is now available. Click the link (http://rmac-mx.org) to find articles on technology and instructional design/learning science/education, health, operant research, and more!

Technology to Support Individuals with Disabilities at Work

The transition to adulthood often leads to a loss of services and supports for individuals with disabilities (Friedman, Warfield, & Parish, 2013). This can result in behavioral and other difficulties, including a lack of independence in work (Billstedt, Gillberg, & Gillberg, 2005). In fact, rates of employment for individuals with disabilities are far lower than […]

Some Thoughts about Technology and This SIG

The mission of the Behavior Analysis and Technology Special Interest Group (BAT SIG) is as follows: […] to advance the science of behavior through the development, dissemination, and application of technology in basic and applied settings. Technology can refer to developments in behavioral science, as well as developments in computer science, information technology, and related […]