SIG Officers

Officers include the Chair, Chair-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer, Membership Coordinator, and Website Coordinator

Chair: Victor Ramirez

The Chair shall preside at all Board and member meetings. The Chair also is responsible for the counting of nomination and election ballots, as well as the ballots in any referenda submitted to the voting membership, and shall exercise general supervision over the affairs of the SIG. If the Chair is unable to preside over a meeting, that responsibility shall fall to the Chair-Elect.

Chair-Elect: Ryan Moradpour

The Chair-Elect shall assist the Chair in the affairs of the SIG. Upon the completion of the term of Chair-Elect, he/she shall become Chair for the following year.

Secretary-Treasurer: Alex Diaz

The Secretary-Treasurer is a non-voting member of the Executive Board and shall attend all of the meetings. The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep the records of the SIG and the board; conduct official correspondence; serve ex officio as a member of all committees as deemed necessary by the board and issue programs of meetings; and receive applications for membership and give notice of all inductions into membership.

The Secretary-Treasurer shall have the responsibility for all SIG funds and shall have authority to disburse these funds for purposes authorized by the Board. The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep a record of all money received and all disbursements made and submit an annual report of the SIG’s financial status. The Secretary-Treasurer shall act as the general executive officer of the SIG in consultation with and by direction of the Chair and the Board. He or she shall bring to the attention of the board and the members such matters as are deemed necessary for the appropriate operation of the organization.

Membership Coordinator: Lisa Stedman-Falls

The Membership Coordinator will serve as a recruiter, promoter, and disseminator of the benefits of joining the BAT SIG. Recruitment, promotion and dissemination efforts should be made through community outreach—locally, nationally, and internationally. The Membership Coordinator will maintain accurate records of all current members of the SIG (including contact information) and will send renewal reminders to all SIG members one month prior to the expiration of his/her membership status. S/he will also be responsible for keeping an ongoing list of new members, members who did not renew the membership status, and members who did renew the membership status. The Membership Coordinator will present an annual report on the current and dynamic status of the SIG membership at the business meeting.

Website Coordinator: Ernesto Beltran

The Website Coordinator will be responsible for ensuring that the SIG website is properly maintained with respect to technology (e.g., links work, members can pay dues online) and that it reflects the most current activities and information related to the SIG and the field of behavior analysis and technology. His or her primary duties will include: a) monthly inspection of the website, b) monthly updates to the website about events related to verbal behavior practice and research, c) assisting those who wish to post events and activities related to technology after consultation with the officers of the SIG.

If any Officer, because of death, resignation, or other reason cannot perform the duties of the office, the BAT SIG Board will be empowered to fill the vacancy by any method, which, in its judgment, will best reflect the goals and purposes of the organization.

From the bylaws:


All officers will be full members of ABAI and Voting Members the BAT SIG. Officers include the Chair, Chair-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer, Membership Coordinator, and Website Coordinator, and are collectively called the BAT SIG Board.

Terms of Office

Terms of office for the chair shall be one year to commence at the conclusion of the meeting presided by the current Chair. The Chair shall not be eligible for nomination for the office of Chair-Elect. The Board shall appoint the Secretary-Treasurer for an initial term of three years; this appointment may be renewed as deemed appropriate by the Board. During the year prior to assuming office, the designated replacement for the office of Secretary-Treasurer may attend any or all Board or SIG meetings.


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