Membership in the BAT SIG is open to researchers, practitioners, parents, academicians, students, and others with a vested interest in or are actively engaged with the dissemination, development, and application of technology. 

The BAT SIG has 3 levels of membership: voting, student, and affiliate.

Voting Member: Any member who has a minimum of a Master’s degree in behavior analysis or a related discipline may be a voting member. Voting members shall also demonstrate competence in either conceptual, experimental, or applied behavior analysis (as determined by the full membership criterion established by ABAI). All voting members of the BAT SIG must also hold voting status (maintain full membership) of ABAI.

Affiliate Member: Any member evidencing interest in the discipline of behavior analysis and the mission of the BAT SIG, but who lacks former or current graduate-level formal training therein, may apply for affiliate membership. Affiliate members have no voting rights.

Student Member: Any individual currently pursuing formal training in the discipline of behavior analysis or related field may apply for membership in this category. Applications for student status must be accompanied by proof of full-time enrollment in an academic, internship, or residency program. Student and affiliate members will have such privileges as granted by the BAT Board. Persons who meet the requirements of a voting member (e.g., Master’s degree) and are currently enrolled full time (e.g., pursing a doctoral degree) may choose whether or not to apply as a voting or a student member.

Memberships shall last one full calendar year, beginning January 1, and ending December 31 of the same year.

A person wishing to become a member must also pay any annual membership dues set by the BAT SIG Board, and must submit any additional information such as transcripts, diplomas, or references, as requested to verify they meet the requirements of membership. The BAT SIG Board, by a two-thirds majority Officers, may suspend or expel any member for cause after appropriate notice and hearing. By a two-thirds majority vote, the Board may also reinstate a former member on such terms, as it deems appropriate.

Interested in becoming a member?

Fill out a membership application.

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