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RPG Maker Experiment

Designing Experiments with the Unreal Engine and RPG Maker XV Ace

Many experiments created for humans require the participant to interact with a graphical user interface (GUI). These GUIs are the computer based displays that are presented to the participant and are often the most difficult part to program for any experiment. This layer of complexity is often overlooked by those used to physical interfaces (for […]

iPad communication device

Autism and Technology: Process over Hype

by Elizabeth R. Lorah, Alison Karnes, & D. Renee Speight After the initial release of the iPod Touch® in 2007, the Apple iPad® was released just three years later in 2010. Parents, teachers, clinicians, and advocates of individuals with a diagnosis of autism have since flocked to adopt the new technology. For example, a Google […]

Microcontroller Figure 1

Introduction to Arduino Microcontroller Boards for Behavior Analysts

Adopting technology developed in other disciplines (i.e., exogenous technology, Lattal, 2008) has been common practice in the experimental analysis of behavior. A detailed history was narrated previously (Escobar, 2014). In that review, the author also described that a new stage of adoption of technology is taking place as easy-to-use and inexpensive technology has become available. […]

Adapting User Research Methodology for Behavior Analytic Instruction Design

by Bryan C. Tyner & Daniel M. Fienup Behavior analysis has a great deal to contribute to a wide variety of industries outside of academia and clinical practice, including the technological industry. Technical skills such as programming and using relevant software and industry-standard research methodologies would facilitate graduates’ entry into these fields, and may be […]

The Dolphin Translator from the Standpoint of a Skeptical Behaviorist

Each day I attempt to read scientific articles for at least 15 minutes in fields other than behavior analysis. I picked this up following a conversation with a dear friend, Mark Malady. I had just moved to Orlando, FL to begin the master’s program in Applied Behavior Analysis at Florida Institute of Technology and found […]