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Behavior Analysis Meets Online Gifted and Talented Education

Disclaimer: This post is the first of what I hope to be a series of updates over years. There’s far too much to communicate in a short blog, so we’ll have to take them one at a time! My intention for this post is to share some of the resources that will influence this blog line. […]

A Stranger in a Strange Land (with apologies to Robert Heinlein)

I had a really interesting discussion today with a kids’ learning app developer. She was upset because her app, which got rave reviews from a number of other review sites, had received a letter grade of “F” from us at Balefire Labs. To her credit, she wanted to talk about and better understand our review […]

Windmills No More

A close friend continually asks me, “So, are you still running at those windmills?” shaking his head a bit at what he considers to be my Don Quixote-like quest. The “windmills” are the U.S. education system. The perceived folly is my optimistic yet grounded belief that the system can change, good things are happening, and […]