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Automated Hovering and Nudging: Game Changers?

by Jesse Dallery, Ph.D. & Hypatia Bolivar, M.S. University of Florida Behavioral Health and Technology (BHaT) Research Clinic Advances in technology could be a game changer for behavior analysis.  Consider the rise of mobile health apps, electronic medication dispensers, accelerometers to detect physical activity, and emerging technologies to detect substance use (Meredith et al., 2014).  Some researchers […]

Big Data, AI, and Machine (Selectionist) Learning: A Stroll Through the Thinking of Advanced Program Design–Part 3

    In Part 1 of this series, I described the task of automating delivery of guided expert help. To reach thousands of people using trained professionals is a daunting and expensive proposition. Our goal was to serve tens of thousands of people with little direct human intervention. We reasoned that by employing big data analytics, […]

Big Data, AI, and Machine (Selectionist) Learning: A Stroll Through the Thinking of Advanced Program Design–Part 2

  Weave in various items from questionnaire and other sources to present a coherent picture of a person functioning highly competently… That word—picture—combined with the context of selection-based algorithms brought responding to a book I had read some years earlier to strength. Okay, it made me think of the book Why We Feel: The Science […]

Big Data, AI, and Machine (Selectionist) Learning: A Stroll Through the Thinking of Advanced Program Design

I must admit some reluctance when I was approached about writing a blog post for the Technology SIG. My first reaction was that I had little to contribute beyond what has been already written on the blog and elsewhere. In education, there are many useful articles that distinguish between technologies of tools and technologies of […]

Behavior Science, Technology, and Health – How Pokémon Go Caught ’em All

by Triton Ong & Nick Green Avoid added salt and sugar. Easy on the alcohol. Get better sleep. Wear sunscreen. Exercise. We see the headlines and study findings. We hear the advice of medical experts. We have constant opportunities to engage in health-promoting behavior. Yet, so many of us continue with less-than-ideal habits. Although the […]

Is PECS a Good Choice within an iPad World?

by Andy Bondy & Lori Frost When we began developing the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) protocol in the mid-1980s, all picture-based communication systems involved having children (or adults) point to or touch a picture to communicate. At that time, there were a few electronic communication devices, but they were expensive and very time-consuming to […]

A Stranger in a Strange Land (with apologies to Robert Heinlein)

I had a really interesting discussion today with a kids’ learning app developer. She was upset because her app, which got rave reviews from a number of other review sites, had received a letter grade of “F” from us at Balefire Labs. To her credit, she wanted to talk about and better understand our review […]

Tech Demo for Apple Watch Data Collection App

I was a doctoral student enrolled in the Behavior Analysis Program at the University of Nevada, Reno when the first iPhone came out in 2007. I remember thinking about the possibilities this new device opened up for behavior analysts interested in upgrading the way they collect data. Three years later I hired a programmer to develop the […]

Apps for Behavior Analysts

by Kim M. Kelly & Jillian Connor  Like other professions, behavior analysts are increasingly faced with integrating various aspects of technology into their approach to service delivery. This trend is likely to gain momentum as technology becomes more sophisticated and as the work of a behavior analyst reaches new consumers in new ways. The changing landscape […]