Monthly Archives: October 2016

Call for Papers: Behavior Analysis Research and Practice Special Issue on Technology

Behavior Analysis: Research and Practice is currently soliciting manuscripts for a special issue on behavior analysis and technology: We are soliciting manuscripts for publication in a special issue of Behavior Consultation and Therapy, a section of the new APA journal, Behavior Analysis: Research and Practice. Behavior Consultation and Therapy addresses clinical and other applied applications of […]

Big Data, AI, and Machine (Selectionist) Learning: A Stroll Through the Thinking of Advanced Program Design–Part 2

  Weave in various items from questionnaire and other sources to present a coherent picture of a person functioning highly competently… That word—picture—combined with the context of selection-based algorithms brought responding to a book I had read some years earlier to strength. Okay, it made me think of the book Why We Feel: The Science […]