Apps for Behavior Analysts

by Kim M. Kelly & Jillian Connor 

Like other professions, behavior analysts are increasingly faced with integrating various aspects of technology into their approach to service delivery. This trend is likely to gain momentum as technology becomes more sophisticated and as the work of a behavior analyst reaches new consumers in new ways. The changing landscape of service delivery, such as providing home based services to young children with autism spectrum disorder, also creates an atmosphere ripe for new mobile solutions. From how we engage in our profession—assess behavior, collect and analyze data, teach children and adults, design intervention programs and reinforce behavior—to how we communicate with consumers, technology has the potential to play an important role in the way behavior analysts do their job.

The development and proliferation of applications (apps) available on handheld and other device has been a relatively recent feature of the technology movement. Many of these apps may be applicable to the work of a behavior analyst and could potentially enhance efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery. However, the shear volume of applications available is staggering. There are currently 1,152,777 apps available in the App Store. As many as 60,000 apps are added per month and this rate itself is growing. Over the next year it is predicted that 578,000 new apps will enter the App Store by July 2015.

One way to sort through this abundance of options is for behavior analysts to work collaboratively and share what they have learned with other professionals. To this end, we have compiled a list of the apps that we have found in our research and we feel are useful in the work of a behavior analyst. The list below provides information about apps that are related to ABA, data collection, assessment, behavior management, and reinforcement. Other apps, such as those for communication, education, and instructional programs are also useful in a behavior analyst’s work, but are not included in this current review. A brief description of the app and the price at the time of this writing is also noted.

ABA Resources

BACB Ethics App
by Raymond G. Romanczyk, BCBA-D and Jennifer M. Gillis, BCBA-D SUNY at Binghamton
Coded the 2010 BACB conduct code into a database that allows users to search through the guidelines. Uses a hierarchical structure within the 10 major categories of the code.
Cost: free

by Amanda Kelly
Independent marketing tool, educational outlet, and a forum for colleagues, parents, and other interested people who want to learn and discuss applied behavior analysis.
Cost: $1.99

Behavior BreakThroughs
by Southwest Research Institute
Pick-a-path style training videos where you select response choices to decrease an escalated child in a situation. Website indicates there is an app for levels 1 and 2, but the App Store does not have the app. We kept this in as it is available on disk and may appear again in an app.

Data Collection

by Estuary Consulting
Collects data on discrete trial programs. (for iPhone or iPod only)
Cost: $9.99

ABC Data Tracker
by Christopher Olstad
Behavior tracking and graphing. Can export files to excel.
Cost: $3.99

ABC Video Pro
by Raymond Romanczyk, BCBA-D and Jennifer Gillis BCBA-D
Analysis of video recordings and live in vivo observations. Can export to free web tools.
Cost: $49.99; free lite version

Behaviour Observations
by Cluster 8 Nga Manu Awhina
Tool for gathering baseline data about students on/off task behavior.
Cost: free

BehaviorSnap – Behavior Observation at Your Fingertips
by SuperPsyched, LLC
Multimodal behavior observation tool to identify the frequency, duration, and function of behavior in school. Records intervals, ABC, duration, and frequency data.
Cost: $9.99

Behavior Tracker
by Troy Ochowicz
Collects data to use in your favorite spreadsheet application. Simple charting application within the program and can email pdfs to parents.
Cost: $0.99

Behavior Tracker Pro
by Marz Consulting Inc.
Allows tracking of behaviors and automatic graphing. Can export data to off-line manipulations in Excel, record video, and is customizable.
Cost: $29.99

Catalyst Client
by DataFinch Technologies, Inc.
Comprehensive data collection and graphing system. Collect data off line that automatically syncs when an internet connection is available.
Cost: free to download, but need an account: $9-$39

by Behavior, LLC
Direct assessment tracking application (DATA) measures how often and how long events occur overtime. (iPhone only)
Cost: free

by Data Evaluation Systems
General purpose iPad app for plotting data on x,y pairs. Variety of options for customizing graphs. Can enter or import data.
Cost: free

by elocinSoft
Used to record whole and partial intervals as well as momentary time sampling. Results can be saved in a format read by Excel and most other spreadsheet and database programs. (iPhone only)
Cost: $4.99

by Prospect Training Services (Gloucester) Ltd
Audio and video recording app that allows you to time stamp criteria, give feedback, upload and review recordings and create a signed declaration.
Cost: $74.99

On Task
by Ryan Peters Productions
Behavior data collection and presentation tool.
Cost: $9.99

Rethink Behavior Tracking
by Rethink Autism
Assesses and tracks the behavior of multiple individuals with a checklist format and customizable behaviors.
Cost: free to download, but need an account: $59-$89

by SymTrend Inc.
Electronic data collection and analysis system for a variety of symptom patterns. Assists in determining triggers and assessing whether treatments are working.
Cost: free

by SymTrend, Inc.
Adds discrete trial training to SymTrend.
Cost: free

SymTrend ADL
by SymTrend, Inc.
Records ADL skills and behavior. Record data and enter therapies in personal health record. Can synch data online for analysis and send out information to other team members.
Cost: $10.99

SymTrend Toilet
by SymTrend, Inc.
Toileting section of ADL.
Cost: free

SymTrend Sleep
by SymTrend, Inc.
Sleep section of ADL.
Cost: free

Tally Counters
There are many free apps for tallying behavior, such as Tally It!, Tally Counter, Tally 2 – Quick Counter, Tally Lite, Tally It Up, Simple Tally, Counter Up, Counts Free for iPad, Counter + for iPad, Tally & Count Free, everCount, Counts Pro, and Tap to Count – a tally counter app to name a few. There are also counters you can purchase if you need specific features, such as:

Tantrum Tracker
by Scott Grant
Tracks tantrums and outbursts of children and organizes data on charts and graphs.
Cost: $0.99

Teacher’s Assistant Pro: Track Student Behavior
by Lesson Portal, LLC
Tracks student actions, behavior, and achievements in the classroom. Communicates with parents via iPhone and iPad.
Cost: $5.99


ABC Behavior Assessment
by Reticent Arts
Guides you through the process of developing hypotheses about the functional relationships among antecedents, behaviors, and consequences.
Cost: free

Autism Assessment – A questionnaire for the signs and symptoms of autism spectrum disorders
by Touch Autism
Questionnaire with 72 items representing part of the definition and diagnosis of autism. Can email results.
Cost: $1.99

Autism Tracker Pro
by Track and Share Apps, LLC
Tracks mood, behavior, food, and health for several clients. Comes with a visual calendar and multi-item graphs. Can communicate with team members using Dropbox, email, or Twitter.
Cost: $9.99, free lite version

Functional Behavior Assessment Wizard
by WhizzWatt Software
Paperless conditions for taking data during an FBA. Default conditions of alone, attention, play, demand, control, and can customize conditions. Assists in identifying behavior function and generates graphs and reports.
Cost: $9.99

iAssessNTeach Home Series, School Series and Teach 1
by WebTeam Corporation
Assessment tool for those involved in the education of children with autism spectrum disorder. Based on Eden Autism Services Infant and Toddler Assessment
Cost: free but $19.99 for Teach 1 and need a subscription

Preference & Reinforcer Assessment – Autism and Special Education
by Touch Autism
Assists in running a preference assessment to scientifically determine client preferences. Can conduct multiple choice and paired assessments and graph results.
Cost: $9.99

Behavior Management

Behavior Boost
by John Tobia
Develops reinforcement programs for behaviors to decrease and increase. Choose reinforcement and has a built in visual timer to indicate reinforcement is available. All differential reinforcement can be customized.
Cost: $2.99

No More Meltdowns
by SymTrend, Inc.
Uses a diary format to help track behavior triggers and links to the website to analyze data and consult behavior intervention plans.
Cost: $10.99

Plan with Me
by Northcott
Planning tool for developing behavior support plans using positive behavior support. Breaks plan development into manageable sections. (iPad only)
Cost: $2.99

Rich Kids – Behavior & Reward Contracts for Child Discipline
by Zero2Six Technology
Tool for reinforcing completion of agreed upon tasks. Includes 70 built-in tasks and 30 built-in prize coupons which can be customized. (iPhone only)
Cost: $2.99; free lite version

See Our Sound
by Outabox
Classroom management tool to help students regulate their noise output. Uses decibel ranges and personalized images.
Cost: $0.99

Special Education Edition for IPad 
by eCove Software
Gathers observational data by using checklists that can be customized. Creates behavior graphs which can be emailed.
Cost: free to download, but need membership: $130-$300


by 123apps4Me
Reinforcement tool for therapists, parents, and teachers. Easy personalized, works with unlimited students and collects data.
Cost: $9.99; solo version: $0.99

by Jorge Martinez Rosado
Behavior reward point system that allows you to set goals and tasks, keep track of good behavior, and reward kids. (iPhone and iPod only)
Cost: $0.99

Children’s Reward Board
by Bethany Antonio
Chart for rewarding child behavior. Customizable and can set long term goals.
Cost: $0.99

Chore Pad HD
by Nannek
System for earning stars for chore completion; stars are redeemable for rewards that you create. Allows you to give bonus stars and subtract penalty stars.
Cost: $4.99; free lite version

Doo App Kids Rewards
by Jacob Kemsley
Rewards kids for good behavior and completing tasks. Redeem points for fun activities.
Cost: free

by Random Widgets Inc.
Visual reward chart using marbles. Can set goals.
Cost: $0.99

by iTrain GmbH
Reward system for doing daily chores.
Cost: $1.99

by Pyramid Educational Consultants, Inc
Tap or shake to generate one of 100 positive praise general statements.
Cost: $0.99

by Gremble Inc.
Creates token board or chart and uses customized tokens to reinforce positive behavior. Can record audio.
Cost: $2.99

by Gotclues, Inc
Sets up tasks on a weekly basis and stars are given for each task accomplished. Can be customized with personal pictures.
Cost: $3.99 free lite version

Jo Frost Rewards
by Merge Mobile
Positive reinforcement for task completion and exhibiting respectful behavior.
Cost: $1.99

Monsta Points
by Adapkit Ltd
Reward systems that can be used in the home or classroom. Can print and email to parents.
Cost: free

My Rewards!
by Heather Rhea
Tool for parents to positively reinforce their children’s performance.
Cost: $4.99

R+ Remind
by Pyramid Educational Consultants, Inc
Tool to help educators remember to reinforce good behavior.
Cost: $0.99

Rewards Chart
by Big Red Apps
Helps reward children for good behavior by placing stars on a customized chart and displaying reward when a goal is met.
Cost: $1.99

Rich Kids – Behavior & Reward Contracts for Child Discipline
by Zero2Six Technology Co., Ltd.
Records task completion on a customized behavior task list and exchanges prize coupons for rewards. For parents and can be customized for the classroom.
Cost: $0.99

by Bee Visual, LLC
Learning tool for helping children complete daily routines, understand and control their feelings, and improve their waiting skills (taking turns and not interrupting).
Cost: $6.99

Timers and Tokens
by Goatella
Provides a visual timer and a positive reinforcement clickable token system.
Cost: $0.99

Token Board
by Zorten Software, LLC
Customizable tool for kids to track goals and earn rewards.
Cost: $0.99

As with any tool, the utility is in the eye of the beholder. A specific app may or may not fit a behavior analyst’s need in a particular situation. Research whether an app matches your need by taking advantage of free trials, lite versions, piloting the app, watching YouTube app demonstration videos, reading reviews in articles and on social media sites as well as soliciting feedback from colleagues who have used the app.


Is iPad App Development Worthwhile? Retrieved from

Kim M. Kelly, Ph.D., BCBA, is the Vice President of Clinical Services and is one of the co-founders of The Institute of Professional Practice, Inc. She is responsible for the quality of the clinical work of the agency and oversees the work of the Corporate Clinical Office. Dr. Kelly brings with her over 30 years of experience in community services for people with developmental and other disabilities, education and intervention strategies for children with autism, research, and staff training. She has published in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disabilities, co-written book chapters, presented at local and national conferences and taught as adjunct faculty at several colleges. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Minnesota and her masters and doctorate in psychology at the University of Vermont. 

Jillian Connor, M.S.Ed., is The Institute’s Clinical Technology Specialist. Jillian’s responsibilities include integrating technology solutions into The Institute’s programs and services for adults and children with developmental and other disabilities. Jillian received her Masters in Education from Simmons College in Boston and her Bachelors in Psychology from Castleton State College in Vermont. She is currently working towards he BCBA certification. Jillian was previously employed as a Special Education Teacher at The Institute’s Durham Center for Education in Massachusetts and prior to that was a Senior Case Manager for The New England Center for Children.



  1. We would love for you to add AccuPoint It is a full featured data collection and practice management system for ABA providers.


  2. I would love to see listed and reviewed here. It has advanced data collection for ABA, skill acquisition and task analysis, self evaluations with optional bt agreement, Full report generation, full encryption, secure communications. Unlike ost tools listed here, it is also fully HIPAA-compliant.


  3. What about the Toby Playpad? It’s a behaviour analytics program in nature with amazing content that can be run in conjunction with an ABA program for kids with ASD


  4. If anyone comes across this, another is called Behavior Observation Made Easy.

    It allows momentary time sample, frequency, duration, and interval timer data. Templates can be created and used numerous times or shared and used by different people.


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  6. Would like to see wePortal software added and reviewed. It covers data collection and practice management:


  7. You need to review and ad ABAKiS. This program is easy to use and is applicable for both Providers or in home Parent Teams. Please visit to see this program!


  8. Looks like there are apps for every professions. That will make their work easier.


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